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by Aaron, 14th November 2017

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A brief note, to be extended when I return from my three week try to Nepal! …

Just go to the ‘cambda’ page on github. The README there explains the current state of the project.

It offers and alternative to conventional C++ lambdas that can be used with constexpr and in unevaluated contexts. I might extend it to allow easier computation of types at compile time as existing facilities can be frustrating to use at times.

This is a very new and incomplete project. I had the idea just before I attended the Meeting C++ 2017 conference, an excellent conference.

If you don’t yet know why C++ developers love to compute and test everything at compile time, just see this excellent talk by Ben Deane & Jason Turner “constexpr ALL the things!”

This project was inspired by a ‘ranges’ project that I’m working on, which I think I will call orange, as I needed improved lambda support to do the compile-testing that I want.

Even if it’s not very useful to others, I found it very interesting to put it together! I think I will find it very useful in many of my future projects, at least for testing.



by Aaron, 14th November 2017